Foundation (CRMF)

CRMF Foundation 2022 End of the Year Update and 2023 Look ahead by Dave Casteel

Columbia River MOAA Foundation–CRMF Update–December 2022 CRMF Foundation End of the 

In December, the CRMF gave WinCo Family Friendly gift Cards

to the families at the USCG Station on Swan Island

CRMF Fall Update by Dave Casteel

Dave presenting check to Lori Pugh, President, and Judy Russel, Executive Director at CCVAC


Michelle Swanson, Program Support Assistant, VA Bldg 18 Transplant Lodge displaying WinCo family friendly gifts cards

CRMF Update April 2022

CRMF Update by Dave Casteel

Michelle Swanson, Program Support Assistant, at the Vancouver VA Transplant Lodge (Bldg 18), displays a $500 VISA card donated by the Columbia River MOAA Foundation (CRMF) on February 10, 2022. Michelle will use the card to purchase urgently needed food for the veterans and caregivers staying at the lodge waiting for, or undergoing, liver or kidney transplant surgery or oncology.

Most recent annual event:

Annual Columbia River MOAA Foundation–CRMF

Business Meeting

January 20, 2022:

Columbia River MOAA Foundation-CRMF Reports:


CRMF 2022 Annual Meeting Agenda

Minutes of 2021 Annual Meeting

CRMF 2021 Annual Business Mtg Minutes

CRMF President’s Report

President’s CRMF Annual Meeting Report Jan 2022

CRMF Treasurer’s Report

2022 Fin Plan Final Approved 01-13-2022

Treasurer’s Report Slides – Annual Meeting FY2021

See Monthly 2021 Newsletters for CRMF Foundation Updates


Previous 2021 Annual Meeting

CRMF 2021 Annual Meeting Agenda

President’s CRMF Annual Meeting Report Jan 2021 CRMF

Treasurer’s Report Annual Meeting FY2020 – 21 Jan 2021

2021 Annual Business Mtg Minutes

Note. No Annual Audits for CRC or CRMF in December 2020 or 2021:  Expect to return to December schedule (or sooner) in post COVID environment.

Note. We are still researching ways to make quarterly meeting agendas and minutes to include financial statements easily available to you in a “read only” format (see audit report below).  Once we have perfected this we will notify members by Newsletter and/or e-mail.


CRMF Annual Meeting Reports  for CY/FY19

CRMF Annual Meeting Report Jan 2020

Treasurer’s Report 2020 Annual Mtg–FY2019 & 2020 Plan


CRMF Annual Meeting Report Jan 2019

Copy of 2019 CRMF Finanacial Plan CRMF Approved 01-10-2019 with ACTUAL CLARK OUTLAYS

Copy of 2018-Final-Audit-Rpt-CRMF

L-R. CRMF Treasurer Frank Hill, VP Jon Frederick, and President Dave Casteel installed 20 January 2018 by Chapter President, Evelyn Brady, at Annual CRMF meeting. NOTE, same three officer were elected and sworn in at January 20, 2022 Annual Virtual Meeting by CRC Chapter President, Rod Williams, for 2022-2024 Term of Office.


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