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(Note: this QR code will take you to our MOAA dues & donate page where you can donate up to $500.00.  Your donation will be split 50/50 between our Scholarship and Support the Troops Fund, unless you contact the CRMF President or Treasurer apply differently. )


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Ways to donate to the Columbia River MOAA Foundation


NOTE: Your Columbia River MOAA Foundation (CRMF)  is a qualified 501(c)3 public non profit charity, so donations to the CRMF qualify for the “above the line” deductions mentioned above. These donations reduce your AGI on the front side of your IRS Form 1040 thereby lowering your taxes.  A WIN-WIN for YOU and the CRMF!  We recommend consulting your tax advisor regarding your particular situation.

Some Regular & Some Unique Ways to Donate

by Dave Casteel, CRMF President (e-mail

Updated January 2023

There are many ways to make donations to the CRMF, some are common, well known and used, and some perhaps less known. Some are only available this tax year.

This list is not meant to be all inclusive as there might be other ways to donate.

  1. Cash (or check). Probably the most widely used method.
  2. Linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the CRMF (see below)
  3. Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA as part of your RMD. Benefit: QCD’s reduce the AGI on the front of your IRS Form 1040 by the amount of your QCD.
  4. Donating appreciated securities held at least one year directly to the CRMF. We now have a Vanguard CRMF Brokerage Account. This means donors avoid paying capital gains on the value of these shares. Both the donor and the charity benefit if securities are held long term. Contact me for account number and details if you are interested.
  5. Leaving a bequest. This is as simple as listing the Columbia River MOAA Foundation (CRMF) in a person’s will as a charitable beneficiary. It is also helpful to list our EIN (47-4776049).

Shop and Donate to the Columbia River MOAA Foundation (CRMF) or Make a QCD from your RMD

If you want to make a tax deductible donation to our Support The Troops or Scholarship funds you should make your donations payable to “Columbia River MOAA Foundation” or “CRMF.” Note, if tax deductibility is not a concern for you, you may still lump your donations with your dues and our chapter treasurer will forward them to the CRMF treasurer. Please indicate which fund you desire your donation to go towards. Either way, 100% of your donations will go to the Support The Troops or Scholarship Funds.

You can make donations to the CRMF at any Chapter Business Meeting or by mailing your donation to the chapter mail address (ATTN: CRMF  P.O. Box 1872, Vancouver, WA 98668) or by using the QR code above or clicking on the URL on the How to Donate tab.  Questions about stock donations or bequests should be directed to the CRMF President (contact info on website and newsletter).

Our Federal EIN is 47-4776049. Our Washington State UBI is 603-536-781. We are incorporated with the Washington Secretary of State and Department of Charities. Our Washington Charitable registration number is 37632.

Besides cash/check,

How to donate via FM Rewards &

You can also donate through your IRA if you are taking distributions (e.g.,RMD) AND REDUCE YOUR ADJUSTABLE GROSS INCOME BY THE AMOUNT OF YOUR QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTION AT THE SAME TIME!  Easy to follow instructions are in the link below:

Making Qualified Charitable Distributions

We are also working on setting up an account that will allow you to DONATE APPRECIATED SECURITIES DIRECTLY TO US and AVOID PAYING  CAPITAL GAINS TAX ON THE DONATIONS. More information to follow.

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